Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is the physical assessment of an injured worker or accident victim designed to measure his or her ability to perform work-related tasks.

These evaluations can help in developing a treatment program, determining if an injured worker can return to work and when they can return to work. This testing can also assist with establishing the level of participation and activity that is right for the patient following rehabilitation, which ensures a safe return to work without re-injury.

All testing is performed with standardized protocols that are specific to each case in question. The FCE is an important tool used to assist employers, physicians, insurance companies, attorneys, case managers and vocational consultants to determine safe, functional levels for an individual to either return to work or to establish functional ability.

FCEs are available at Hertel & Brown’s West Erie Plaza location. Jacqueline Exley, DPT, CFCE, completed the training to perform this specialized testing, which is completed in three to four hours. Results will be prepared within two business days. To schedule an FCE today, call our West Erie Plaza location at 814-456-6000.