Hertel & Brown Physical Therapy offers a specific rehabilitation program to treat Parkinson’s disease (PD). Kaitlin Galleher, DPT, is an LSVT BIG-certified therapist who provide innovatives and effective treatments to meet the needs of individuals living with PD that really can help them get better!

Kaitlin Galleher, DPT

LSVT BIG – Physical Therapy

LSVT BIG targets major motor skills to improve things like walking, limb movement and balance.

Patients with PD feel they are moving normally when they actually have reduced movements with reduced amplitude. They don’t recognize that their movements are slow or small, and they think they are moving too big when they are forced to make normal-sized movements.

LSVT BIG addresses the bradykinesia (slowness of movement) and hypokinesia (reduced amplitude of movement) of PD by focusing on increased amplitude of movement and larger movements. This leads to an improvement in self-perception and self-awareness of the amount of effort required to produce normal movements.

LSVT BIG re-educates and recalibrates the sensorimotor system, and the main goal is for the patients to accept and use bigger movements automatically and consistently in their daily lives.

People with PD can get better, and we can help! Call us at 814.836.1970 today to schedule an appointment.