The BioSway is a balance assessment and training tool that also provides real-time feedback and printed reports to track a patient’s progress. This device is a lightweight platform with a display screen, that is beneficial for a broad scope of rehabilitation needs.

vestibular rehabilitation

 Includes balance retraining exercises designed to steady a patient while walking or standing; improves coordination of muscle responses and posture control

orthopedic & post trauma rehabilitation 

Evaluates balance in post-surgery (hip, knee, ankle) and amputee patients; provides balance retraining, strengthening and weight-shift training for quicker recovery


Assesses balance and stability of patients with Parkinson’s, stroke & neuropathy; helps determine a course of treatment; uses progressive testing to improve balance and gait

Senior wellness

Tests for balance deficiencies and fall risk, provides individualized programming to help patients remain mobile or regain mobility

Athletic conditioning

delivers objective preseason baseline and post-injury balance assessment for athletes; provides detailed progress reports to track recovery and aid with more accurate return-to-play decisions

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